Who We Are

The mission of Scarborough Gift of Life Association is to increase organ and tissue donation awareness and registration rates. In Scarborough rates are at 13%, compared to 29% for Ontario.

Our members, advocates and volunteers have a personal connection or passionate interest in organ and tissue donation. Many of them are recipients of organ and tissue transplantation or donor families. We are living proof that organ and tissue donation saves and enhances lives. Working with different communities, organizations and partners in Scarborough, we are sharing our stories about organ and tissue donation, communicating the importance of registering your consent and sharing your wishes with your family.

We are proud to partner with Trillium Gift of Life Network and Scarborough based organizations to increase awareness about organ and tissue donation and registration rates in Scarborough.

Register Today

We ask that every eligible person in
Scarborough register consent to be
an organ and tissue donor and discuss
that choice with your family. Please talk
to your family and friends and ask them
to register today at beadonor.ca

Need More Information?

Go to http://www.giftoflife.on.ca/